Old farmhouse at Hazleton
Old farmhouse at Hazleton
The barn on the farm at Hazleton
The barn on the farm at Hazleton

When I was growing up at 1006, Mom and Dad would often load us into the family stationwagon and head north out of Cedar Rapids on Iowa Highway number 150. Almost 60 miles later, and just before we reached the small Iowa town of Hazleton (or Hazelton, even the town wasn't sure how to spell its name), Dad turned onto a gravel road and drove about a mile past corn fields and farmsteads and over an old iron and wooden plank Pratt bridge to Babi and Grandpa Snoble's farm [Babi is the Czech word for grandmother].

We often played at the bridge making boats to float down the small Otter Creek that flowed through the farm and much of Buchanan County. I also remember hearing that Grandpa Snoble sometimes went fishing in that creek using his shotgun rather than a rod and reel. Sometimes we saw a horse-and-buggy driven by the "hookies", or Hook-and-Eye Dutch, as the Amish were known. The name referred to their practice of using metal hooks and eyes to fasten clothing instead of buttons or zippers and the avoidance of modern conveniences like cars electricity, etc.. The hookie men would often come to see Grandpa Snoble to have metal work done on the forge and anvil at his workshop.

In October, 1945 after Dad was discharged from the Navy and had returned to Iowa from the South Pacific, he and Mom moved into the old farmhouse on this farm. They worked hard to make a living at farming while Grandpa Snoble built a new house closer to the road and to the house of Uncle Jerry Snoble, Aunt Dorothy and their two daughters, Carol and Barbara.

The letters in this section are from Mom and Dad (plus a few from Aunt Ruth Tschopp) to Grandma Tschopp back in Cedar Rapids. The letters all date from late 1945 through mid-1948 and record the day-to-day events and issues they faced as they worked the land, established their "new" home and grew their family. Judy was born in February 1946 and Tony in May 1947.

In 1949 Dad, Mom, Judy, and Tony left farming and Hazleton and moved to 1006 42nd Street which was just outside the city limits of Cedar Rapids.

The Snoble farm has been completely replaced by tilled Iowa fields such that Linda had a hard time deciding exactly where the farm once stood. And the straight-as-a-string gravel road that ran by the farm from highway 150 is now paved and designated as Hazleton's 140th Street. Of course, the old iron and wood bridge is now a modern concrete span.

Wednesday, December 26, 1945
from Dad
Mom and Dad on the farm at Hazleton
Mom and Dad on the farm at Hazleton


Just a few lines to let you know we arrived here OK. The roads were very icy but it took till 11:30 so we drove good & slow. Had a nice goose dinner. Julia & I each got a pair of gloves from Mom S & Julia a pair of shoes from Dad S and I a baby blanket, how about that?

(from Mom)

Ted would like to have you send his check here as soon as it arrives or if Herb comes he can bring it. I gave Mother Ruth’s cookies & everyone just raved. You’re really a swell little cook, Ruthie. We had a nice Xmas here. So long & see you all later.

Lots of love, Ted & Julia

Monday, December 31, 1945
from Mom

Dear Mom:

We got the check OK today Thanks for forwarding it to you and us too, Ruthie. That was such a nice letter from you. I’m awfully sorry to hear that you had such a terrible cold. So far we are all lucky. No colds.

Today Ted & I took Jerry to Oelwein where he caught the bus for CR. He has to be in Chicago the 3rd. We had a real nice visit with him. We all were sorry to have him go.

There isn’t any news here at all. I bought a waterproof mattress for the buggy & I sent for 4 flannelette sheets and a rubber sheet for the bed & now I guess that we have everything except maybe a couple more real thin blankets to wrap around him under the heavy ones. We expect to come back to CR around the 9th or 10th & then come back here to Hazleton for a week or so & then go back to CR the last week. I guess that I’ll have to wash all his clothes first don’t you think & Ted will have to paint the bed & get the wheels fixed. We’ll be seeing you sometime next week then. Hope that you’re all OK now. Write again & happy new year.

Ted & Julia

Feb 3, 1946 - Judy is born
Judy's birth announcement in the C.R. Gazette
Judy's birth announcement
Judy's birth announcement card
Judy's birth announcement card
Tuesday, February 26, 1946
from Dad

Hi Everyone:

Will try to get a few lines off to you today. It’s 1530 and I have all the chores done as it is snowing. Built some roosts for the chickens today and some thing down cellar too.

We arrived here safely with the furniture. We got up here about 1415. Sure was surprised we made it that fast. The next morning Snobles left for Texas. Sure didn’t waste any time leaving. Joey & Elsie are here with us. Elsie got the mumps right after they left. But is nearly over them already.

Oh say when you come up please bring Julia’s beets & strawberries and saurkraut along. We are planning to butcher as soon as it gets cold for a few days and you’re invited up to get a quarter, we’ll try to let you know in plenty of time.

I’ve been pretty busy this past week. Finished the barn and built stantions for the cows, some they can’t get out of. We still have no calves but it won’t be long now we hope.

Got a packages from Ernie & Jean today, Julia says it’s a bunny or bunty (bunting). Anyway, like the blue one we got.

Sure anxious to find out what Chris sent. Expected the package today but maybe tomorrow.

Julia’s making me some kolache dough and I’m going to make doughnuts out of ‘em. Judy has a fit of a cold but is nearly over it too. Kept us up only one night. Julia is just fine and so am I. Well we’ll be expecting a visit from you some time.

Let us know when Schoettmers get moved.

Well So Long,

Hope you’re fine at home (well, I mean).

Ted, Julia, & Judy

Thursday, March 7, 1946
from Dad

Hi Everybody:

Just a few lines again to let you know we’re OK and a favor to ask maybe.

Grandpa and Babi Snoble
Grandpa and Babi Snoble

A couple of birds told us you were coming up here Sun so could you bring the saw filing stuff along, jointer set and vice if you have one as we’re doing some building soon and may need them. Of course the canned stuff (XX Censored censored) if it’s any good yet. You see one of our hogs died yesterday so Julia and I butchered it. Of course we figured it would die so we had the water hot and knives sharp too. And there may be a ham here for you also if you come up soon ‘fore it gets too warm.

Al forget the washing machine.

Herb got a car yet? Bet it’s a rattle trap.

So Long All

Ted Julia & Judy

Friday, April 5, 1946
from Mom

Dear Folks at home:

Gee it sure has been windy – pert near blew us to CR. What’s new out there? Is everyone OK. Ted is building the folks chimney & they are putting their wall board on. Me I’m chief cook & bottle washer.

Dad and Judy
Dad and Judy

We have had 3 calves in 1 week so we are now milking 5 cows. We got two little heifers out of the deal, namely “Nancy” “Cherry” & “Rusty”. Ted has about 6 acres of oats in and we have ½ acre of spuds in too – about enough to feed Buchanan county, huh? Anyway I hope so. Little Judy is really a doll and so good. I’m feeding her cereal each morning now & how she loves it, and her orange juice each afternoon too.

We got some more furniture now, a heater a kitchen cabinet and a sofa and now if we can locate a good washing machine somewhere we’ll have all we need. We got two orange crates and Ted is going to make me a wash stand with them. I tried to get some oil cloth to cover it with but there’s none here at all. What is the narrow stuff they have there in CR, the one that’s too small for over tables. If you could find me some I’d really appreciate it. I don’t care what color & how much you get. I’ll be able to use any amount and if you find a teakettle could you get that for me too. I’ve asked in every store here & they just don’t have any except a couple glass ones & I can’t use that kind.

We got the linoleum for our floors. As soon as the folks move, which will be Sat or Sunday then Ted & I will have lots of work to do in the house. We want to paper & paint & really clean house.

I don’t have any garden in yet. If it’s nice tomorrow I’ll set out a bunch of raspberry plants. Then we have to set out more strawberry plants too. There’s enough to do to keep us busy for quite some time. I’ve dug around the rhubarb already.

I had a nice letter from Dorothy. Tomorrow is their second anniversary. I sent her a pair of pillowcases and 2 pot holders.

My stove sure bakes super. We baked bread & a couple cakes since we put it up & it works like a dream Judy is sleeping now. She’s getting a little bald spot on the back of her head where she rubbed the hair off. She smiles a lot now and seems to understand anything we say to her.

Well I must close now & fix that raisin pudding I’m making.

Well so long & hello to everyone from Ted, Julia & baby Judy

Sunday, April 14, 1946
from Mom

Dear Folks,

Just a few lines & Judy’s picture. I found it in her baby book and I had it in my hand when you were here.

We’ve started our garden already – peas, lettuce & radishes already in. I’ve started digging up the irises and that alone is a job and a half. If everything goes & is alright we expect to come up and see Uncle Oscar confirmed. See you then.

Love, Ted Julia & Judy

Wednesday, June 12, 1946
from Dad

Hi Mom Dad & All:

After the million dollar rain I suppose we can afford a letter. Just keep putting it off and it adds up to no letter.

Four Generations
Four Generations - Dad, Judy,
Great-grandma Kellenberger, and Grandma Tschopp

The rain sure was needed and it’s really making things grow. I’ve got everything plowed once and some of the corn twice. It sure is tall – there’s corn across the fence planted a week before mine and ours is twice as big. We even had new potatoes for supper already. They’re bigger than hen eggs already and sure doing fine. In fact all the crops are. Julia has 19 quarts of strawberries canned. We smoke the fish Dick brought and are they good. He brought a big tub full the day we were in CR and three tubs full the next day. If you want some you can have some. Taste like smoked ham, no fooling.

Enclosed are the pictures and on the reverse side the amount of each we want. They sure turned out good didn’t they! Julia and Judy are just fine. Judy is sure big & so good natured.

Say Erwin where is my Rain?

So long Good Luck to All

Ted Julia & Judy

Monday, July 15, 1946
from Dad


Got home OK. No flats. Got home about 7:15. Stopped at Betty’s for ½ hr. Thanks very much for the overalls. I sure like them very much. Oh say we meant to bring home some of the fruit jars you said Julia could use but in the rush forgot. If you come up some Sun soon could you bring some please.

Ted & Julia & Judy

Saturday, Aug 3, 1946
from Mom

Hello everyone:

I want to write &thank you again for the fruit jars. If you wouldn’t of brought them then I would have been out. I’m canning pickles & beans, beets & today we got a box of apricots $1.69 a box.

(from Dad):

Now I’m supposed to finish this. Thrashed our oats and they turned out fairly good. Still haven’t got my John Deere. Now I’ll fix up my machinery and do a bit of carpenter work I’ve got to do and scout around till fall for a couple of things.

(from Mom):

Tell Grandmother that we really enjoyed her visit and it would be nice if we all could get together again soon. Judy sends her love.

Ted Julia & Judy

Tuesday, August 20, 1946
from Aunt Ruth Tschopp

Dear Mom Dad, all

Here I am here all alone with Judy. Ted and Julia went to the show. I woke up at six o’clock this morning, went after cows, helped to make breakfast, cleaned house. Do you know what I meet Uncle Tommy. He’s up here he was here Sunday and Herb drove right by the house and didn’t know it. They really have a nice family. I made two pies. They came out really good. We canned apples today. I’m finishing up the candy Al bought. Boy am I really having a swell time! I hope you had one too. Julia asked me to stay two weeks. Could I please. Write back.

Love your daughter & sis.

PS I got to feed Judy. I was the only one besides Julia that had ever fed her.

Tuesday, November 5, 1946
from Mom

Dear Mom:

I got an awfully lonesome feeling for you this morning so I guess the best way to cure it is to write you a letter. I’m home alone with the baby today. Ted went to a neighbor’s house to do a couple days of carpentering. We have about ½ of the corn picked. These last two frosts were just what we needed. Now if it dries up a bit we can get our beans combined this week. We’ll have to butcher this week or in the early part of the next. Judy had a shot for small pox about three weeks ago and ever since then she hasn’t been feeling so well. She broke out with a rash on her face & the lower part of her back & a little bit on her arms & legs. Its all cleared up now except that her face is still a little pinkish but she seems so fussy and cranky all the time and in her sleep she whimpers. It’s got me worried but I guess its just the after effects of the shot. She crawls all over the house like 60 now and she walks along the furniture and inside her bed so before long she’ll be walking too. Sunday she was 9 months old. My how time flies.

Mom and Judy
Mom and Judy

We had a birthday party on me last nite. I got real nice gifts. 2 boxes of candy, a slip, pair of gloves, a book, a cake & fruit bowl and a presto cooker. I’m sure anxious to try the cooker out. I’ve wanted one so badly. We had a big cake & peaches & coffee.

Oh say, we have some news for you. Dorothy and I just put our orders in for baby girls in the spring but Jerry and Ted want boys so we are busy buying pink yarn trying to learn to crochet (you know what I mean) baby sweaters & booties & the boys are running all over town trying to find a pretty baby blue. We bought the yarn, hooks and the directions and we can’t follow directions worth a darn. So we work & then rip it out and do it over and over again. Now we have a little pink sweater nearly done but I made mine quite tight and I’m hoping and praying that it won’t shrink, which I know it will. We have worked on booties till we’re blue in the face and it always looks like a cup or box or something but never like a bootie.

I had a big washing yesterday so I have a whole basket of ironing to do today and bread to bake and those dishes to wash. Heavens you should see all the dishes. The supper ones, the party ones and the breakfast ones. They are stacked half way to the ceiling, well nearly anyway.

I now belong to the “Literary Guild” book club. My premium book is “This Side of Innocence”, a real good one which you’ll have to read and my book for this month is “Pavilion of Women” by Pearl Buck. I just love her books, all Chinese. The book I got for my birthday is called “Son of the Middle Border” by Hamilton Garland and it takes place right after the civil war. Jerry read it & says it’s a real good book.

I bought a second hand coat for $1.50 and made Judy a coat for around home. It’s really nice but it’s a dark blue & that just isn’t her color but its warm so that’s all that matters. I made her a dress out of a feed sack & I’m making myself one too. I bought feed sacks three times now to make myself aprons but every time I make something else, except aprons, and I’m down to only these now. Gosh I guess I’ll never learn and we can’t get feed sacks anymore except by accident. My Goodness I guess that I had better hang up & get dinner started. Ted will be home in an hour and I’ll have to have dinner and anyway I’m running low on gab.

So Long, Julia

Grandpa Snoble, Mom, Aunt Elsie, Babi, Uncle Joe
Grandpa Snoble, Mom, Aunt Elsie, Babi, Uncle Joe
Thursday, January 2, 1947
from Dad

Hi Folks:

Just a few lines to let you know that we got home OK Sunday but as we neared Independence the automobile developed a knock which left it again as I drove under 30 mp hr. Sure glad we left early as it was so cold and the livestock needed tending to before dark.

Judith has been very sick, but since yesterday is improving only won’t eat a bite yet. Had six teeth coming in all at the same time.

Got five rabbits Monday and three yesterday. Today I did no hunting. Erwin should be here now.

Oh Herb I got my terminal leave pay, a $325 and a bit of a check. Didn’t expect nearly that much but would like to have had more.

Julia and I got to thinking we should have paid you for that soap, so next time we journey to Cedar Rapids we shall bring along some thing.

If I can get as far as the mail box I’ll mail this so you will get it before Sunday.

So Long, Ted Julia and Judy

"Happy New Year"

Monday, January 20, 1947
from Mom

Dear Mom Dad & all

Oh what a blizzard out. Sure hope that it quits before morning because I want to wash clothes.

Ted expects to get our car done by tomorrow noon. He’s been working on it for 2 days.

How is everyone? Judy is better again. She had another double tooth 2 days ago and it made her very ill. She now has 11 teeth. One other tooth seems to be nearly through. She’s beginning to walk more & more. In two months Judy will be one year old. We would like to have you over for a birthday supper on Sunday Feb 2. That is if Erwin gets your car fixed and if that’s not possible the new might be about to come to CR.

Our cow had a bull calf last Thursday as we all breathed a sigh of relief. He’s so cute & husky. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for the rest.

My mother is sick now. She has a bad sinus. Oh she’s up and around but she feels terrible.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Ted Julia & Judy

Tuesday, February 4, 1947
from Dad

Dear Herb

Boy is it cold and windy out today and I’m trying to be a house cat just as much as possible. Outside of chores I just sit and keep warm and just thought I’d better drop you a line.

We are all well. The folks from CR were to come up Sunday Feb 2nd but weather conditions made it impossible as was the party we were to have last nite when the Snobles were to come up.

Judy is starting to walk now and has 12 teeth.

Babi and Grandpa Snoble
Babi and Grandpa Snoble

I over hauled the Ply a few weeks ago, put in a new crank shaft and bearings. Wow the cost! Now I hope it lasts a while. Guess Erwin got the Folks car fixed too.

Got Bangs disease in the cattle [NOTE: Brucellosis which causes premature calving] and lost five calves already but got five from last year and one three weeks old. But they should be OK by next year I hope.

Been cutting a little wood in the timber. Coal is too darn high to burn nearly. Built me a buzz saw on the front of the John Deere. Realy works good too.

Don’t know if I told you I got the cultivators for the Johnny Popper to the tune of $167.50, not $167.70 XO#*#. These prices but its always that way 6 of one ½ doz of another. So if I break even I’m on top.

How’s the school by now? Suppose the Financial end is tough too on you.

Drop up again some time when you get to CR if you have time.

Guess that’s all, its dead up here just for the blizzards. So I’ll close and Good Luck.

Ted Julia and Judy

Saturday, March 1, 1947
from Mom

Dear Folks:

Guess what, only 20 days before spring. Isn’t that wonderful? Anyway we think so.

We here are all well. Judy is walking much better and she is getting smarter by the day. I made her 2 dresses from the material you gave her & there is enough left over for another dress yet & maybe a sun suit or bonnet or panties or something. I made her Easter dress from light blue dotted swiss. It’s real cute. We got her new shoes too, size 5 imagine, & a pair of rayon anklets.

I cut myself out a dress of blue checkered material. It’s to be a house dress & then I got so me red checked too. I can make 2 dresses for the price of 1 already made. We got Judy’s room papered, the curtains up and her dresser. Now all we need is a rug if we can find one.

In about 2 weeks I’m going to start spring cleaning, wash curtains and paint the floors & all the rest and then wash all my baby clothes. Then Jr can come any time. How are you coming along with is booties? Are they cute?

There isn’t any news here at all. Just that the weather has been nasty for 2 weeks. We are hoping for better next week. Ted has fixed up one yard light so now we have oodles of outside light.

(from Dad)

So far I haven’t had any luck renting additional corn ground and looks as if I won’t get any more. So I’ll have some spare time this summer. Sold 4 hogs but they were not as heavy 230# and got 26.40 for them. Sure wish I had 100 to sell now. Some day I will.

May see you soon,

Ted Julia & Judy

Monday, April 7, 1947
from Mom
Judy (15 months old)
Judy (15 months old)

Dear Folks,

Just a few lines to let you know that we re still OK and as yet no little stranger has put in his appearance. Oh what miserable weather rain, rain, & some more rain and no sun at all. I washed Wed & got it dry too for some reason or other. We colored Easter eggs tonite. Gee did we have fun. I made some soap today. Hope that it turns out OK. I used those cracklings you gave me. Hard lard & skins. It probably won’t be too good. I guess Ted wants to write a few lines too so Bye. See you soon. Lots of love, Julia

(from Dad)

Hi Guess I’m suppose to write a few lines. Looks as if we won’t get to CR any more before the addition comes. Judy is running around here in her PJs. And is she having fun.

Sure is a late spring this year. Last year we had 800# of spuds in already, but when thing start they’ll all start at once. Had a kind of a chance to rent 160 acres but don’t believe I want it as it is bad land, 50 acres of work ground only. I’ll try to get the work ground if he don’t rent it and gets caught I may get it. No little pig yet but in a week. Got the house done?

Hope to see you soon

Ted Julia & Judy

Friday, May 2, 1947
from Mom

Dear Mom

My goodness but I’ll bet you think that I’m an old slow poke or something, no? Well, I’m beginning to think so my self.

My folks went away yesterday morning. I think that they went to Wisconsin to see Grandfather. They probably won’t be gone long – 4 or 5 days probally. Mother didn’t want to go but Dad has such itchy feet & she didn’t want to go until after the baby came but you know these men. If they don’t get back when the baby comes I was wondering if you could come & help us out any way until I come home from the hospital. Then we can manage some how & mother ought to be back by then. Dorothy promised to take care of Judy but already she is complaining. So if Ted calls you up could you come? Could some one bring you?

Its raining again this morning. We have our oats in & most of the plowing done. I started the garden – radishes-lettuce-onions & onion sets. And I cut up 5 bu of potatoes but we don’t have those in yet. Ted is waiting to take this to the box so I’ll close say bye. Hope everyone is OK as we are.


May 10, 1947 - Tony is born
Sunday, June 1, 1947
from Dad

Hi All:

Such rains as we’ve been having, got to get a motor boat to finish plowing for the neighbor and he may use it or a helicopter to plant corn.

Well I got all my corn in, planted it the 21 & 22 and some beans & corn a day before the snow storm. Sure glad I had it in too, but just hope it dries off too so it’ll grow. Its too late to replant now. We had three or four inches of sleet on the ground and some was still here on the north side of buildings.

Got a few little ducks and got 34 little pigs yet. Going to get some chicks Mon or Tues. Say could one of you, Al or Ozzie, copy that pig bread board and send it huh, been trying to draw one but just can’t it one to suit me. Got a few more patterns for shelves, wait’ll you see ‘em.

Our little Tony sure is growing. He weighs eleven pounds already. And he is behaving so nice.

Say and if you come before we do will you try and bring some of those small pieces of boards in the cellar that Mom said you were going to burn.

Wanted to drive down today but it ----- yup, rained.

We’re all well. Hope you are too.

Ted Julia Judy & Tony

Thursday, June 12, 1947
from Mom to Aunt Ruth

Dear Ruth

On such a cold and rainy day there isn’t anything better than to answer letters that you owe. Is there? I wouldn’t be too surprised to see snow on the ground by morning. But lets hope not. We have had enough misery for one spring.

I have 140 baby chicks and 100 more coming next week but with such cold weather I have the 40 out in the brooder house with two hens & the 100 here in the house.

Judy and Tony
Judy and Tony

Judy is getting another double tooth so she’s not feeling so good. Tony is feeling real well. He’s so good. He loves to be played with. He smiles & gurgles & even tries to laugh. He got more presents since you were here, a cute white dress, a bib, a nightie, a pair of boots, rompers, 2 caps, rubber sheet and a big blanket and 4 dollars.

My garden is in fair shape. What is in is doing good. The peas are blooming. We are eating lettuce, onions & radishes but the cabbage peppers and tomatoes all froze. I planted 1 dozen tomato plants again Tuesday but I imagine the cold weather will kill most of those. If it ever gets decent again I’ll plant more tomatoes cabbage cukes – sweet and pop corn and I guess that will be all. Oh yes and navy beans but Ted will probably put them in with the corn planter.

Dorothy and Jerry’s little Carol is a spry little girl. She gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks. They are going to take her to the doctors for her first check up Saturday. Dorothy tried to feed Carol her first orange juice yesterday but she spit it all out. I’ve been giving Tony cod liver oil & orange juice for 2 weeks and he loves it. If I don’t have oranges I give him tomato juice and he loves it too. That’s more than Judy did. She wouldn’t and still won’t drink tomato juice. Can’t blame her I don’t care too much for it my self. But Tony is a true Tschopp he eats anything and never complains. Just like his Daddy. Like when he came home on leave from that long stretch on the Pacific in April ’45 I made him some eggs and I was so excited I scortched them. And he, the poor dear ate them like a man.

Ted is out doing chores and both the kids are sleeping and me, I should be making supper. We’re having pancakes and applesauce, sounds good don’t it? I’m getting hungry so I guess I had better get busy. Toodle-oo. Write soon and oh, yes could you do me a favor. Take this card down to Smulekoffs & see what they have for us.

Bye now

Love Ted Julia & babies

PS hello to all – Mom Dad and all the rest.

Thursday, July 3, 1947
from Aunt Ruth

Dear Mom, Dad, and all

Here it is July 3 and I’ve been up here 4 days and thought I’d better write you. I helped Julia with the washing Tues and got a sun burn on my back and legs, now it’s a tan.

Elsie and I went swimming Mon. The creek was real high.

I’ve been going after the cows now and then and their usually across the creek. Julias little chicks really are growing.

Mom will you send me a dollar. I haven’t got a cent. When you come up here will you bring that necklace that Julia gave me. I’m giving it to Judy. Tony is sleeping and Julia’s washing so I’ll go for now and help her and finish this later.

Hi – Its Saturday now and Ted’s taking a bath and Julias just took one next me. You should really see me now. I’ve got a sun tan a pretty one.

Julia got a pressure canner from Ted for their aniversy. Boy it’s a honey. It’s a National make. Well I took my bath and I feel little better.

Well good nite and will write you again.

Your Daughter and Sister, Ruth

Wednesday, July 9, 1947
from Mom

Dear Folks,

I want to ask Dad and Erwin if they can come & stand up for the baby this Sunday. Church starts at 10 O’Clock. The back road is OK but the highway by Oelwein is pretty well dug up. The bridge east of us is out again but I guess that you can get through, all other roads are OK.

Grandpa Snoble on his tractor
Grandpa Snoble on his tractor

Ruth is having a wonderful time. Tony is sitting up or he really tries hard to. I have him sitting up about half way in my lap & he sits up the rest of the way. We took him to the Doctors Monday last week & he weighed 14 lbs. He sue is a good baby. Judy is just fine too.

Ted cut hay today so if the weather permits we’ll put it up tomorrow. Dad Ted would like to have you here when he plows corn like this afternoon. He sure does a wonderful job. It looks like a garden.

Ruth & I washed clothes, cleaned, washed floors, baked cookies & raspberry kolaches & did the chores & in the evening we walked to mothers for a cup of coffee.

Well I must close. Expect to hear from you this week yet if you can make it Sunday or not.

Love to all, Ted Ruth Judy Tony & Julia

Friday, July 18, 1947
from Aunt Ruth

Dear Mom, Dad & all

Well here I am again. Its about 9:00 and I thought I’d write a line before I go to bed. I made 75 cents for putting up hair . I put up Julia’s mothers (50 cents) hair and Dorothys (25 cents). It took me 2-1/2 hours to put up Dots hair what a job.

Today I made two pot holders all by myself. And yesterday I made a doll apron and a doll hat but it don’t fit the doll. The pot holders I’m giving to Mrs Snoble for her brittday but I’ll make you some real nice ones.

Guess what I LOST 5 lb since I’ve been up here. I weighted myself Monday and Julia gained 5.

Aunt Ruth, Mom, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Ozzee
Aunt Ruth, Mom, Uncle Paul, and Uncle Ozzee

We are going up to Backbone state park to go swimming Sunday if its nice (I hope it is). As soon as Ted sells his pigs (that’s tomorrow) were going to get a new mattress for Elise old bed and I’ll sleep with Judy.

Today I was scrubbing the floors and Judy came over out of the blue sky and hugged and kissed me then she whispered in my ear. I sure didn’t know what to think.

Boy is it cold up here. I just about frozen. I use my heavy blanket.

We had homemade flapjacks. Boy were they good. Julia made them.

I was going to give Ted two pair of stocking first then Mrs Snoble said she was so now I have to think of something else.

Elsie is comming up to stay at Jermans Sun for a couple weeks (Good ridens). Her and I fight like cats and dogs most of the time.

We went swimming in the creek last night. It was real high. More fun.

Well I haven’t much to say so I’ll close for now. Love to all

Your daughter & sis, Ruth


PS Ozzie did you mean to leave that 5 dollar thing here. Ted don’t want it so if you want it I’ll mail it to you in my next letter.

Wednesday, July 30, 1947
from Aunt Ruth

Dear Mom Dad & all,

Received your letter today and was very glad to get it. Boy wasn’t it a scorcher today. It still hasn’t rained but it cooled off quite a bit. Gosh it doesn’t even seem that I could have a brother 25 years old already but is true.

Is Alice home yet the dope hasn’t written me yet. She was in Bell Plain.

You asked about the picnic. Well we’re going to a park in CR. We’re bringing B Cake fryed chicken. You can make the salad because it would wilt for us. Also were bringing sandwiches for us.

Has Mr Bloedel gave you my book yet? I have something to show you next Sunday. Its mine.

JDad with tractor
Dad doing chores

I gave Ted two packs of cigarettes. He got a carton from Dot & Jery. Tony a little screw drive from Julia a rachet screw driver Julia a plyers Joe a big plyers. And a new card from Judy Tony Julia a 10 cent one.

Well I guess I go for now and see you Sunday.

All my love

Your Sister and daughter Ruthie Ann Tschopp

(from Mom)

Excuse the stationary but that’s all that is around. We didn’t know that you folks wanted to go on a picnic with us for Ted’s birthday so we didn’t even plan any. But as long as you want to then I’d said we could come to CR & go to one of the parks there. I can bring chicken –cake- & sanwitches and I don’t know yet what else. Probally beans and cookies.

We haven’t been too busy lately but its been terribly hot. We are all 4.0. The kids are growing like weeds & both real good thru this heat. I’m sure glad that Ruth is here. We get along OK and she’s a lot of help. She baked beans last week & made coffee.

Thursday, July 31, 1947
from Aunt Ruth


Well here it is Friday already and I’d thought I’d write a note. When you write me I’ll send you back something. Ted & Julia went up town and won’t be back till 12:00 about. Its about 10:00 and I’d better hurry up and get to bed so I can get up to get the cows.

Well I go for now. Good nite.

PS I baked bread today. It was good except for I didn’t have enough salt.

Your daughter & Sis Ruth

Wednesday, October 22, 1947
from Dad

Dear Herb

Received your letter today and guess we can take a hint. Was in CR today and got home late, done a bit of scouting around.

Not so much new here just that it is a very nice fall. Not much corn to husk and not so much plowing left to do.

Got 33 hogs and full feed and boy that casts a doubt if I make much on them at these high feed prices. Whew!!! The one old sow I kept for fall pigs had ten pigs three weeks ago and still has every one of them. So have 44 pigs all together – to many for the feed I have.

Bought 14 acres not long ago about two acres of timber on it. Its sandy but just a bank or buffer against a deflation going to set up a house on it in a year or so and may trade it on a larger piece of land maybe or just keep it.

Glad to hear you are doing fine. Say boy, you’re going to take the big ______ jump, well here’s wishing you luck. Boy, there’s nothing like it, with a good pardner bro, I know.

Tony & Judy are sure growing. Judy is so cute and smart and “Toe Toe” (Judys name for Tony) sure is big and so good. He just looks at you and grins so sweet. He truly is the best boy that ever was.

Doubt if we get to Ames

(Sun PM) better finish this and get it off, was in church today and had a hard time trying to get into Fairbank the roads being fixed in fact been tore up all summer.

Everyone here is OK and happy.

As I was going to say doubt if we get to Ames to see you, would like to but with two small kids, the need sleep at certain times and if they don’t get it they sure can get fussy.

So Long & drop up some day with Erwin. He can drive up you no?

Ted & Julia
Judy & Tony

Monday, November 17, 1947
from Dad


Just a few lines to let you know we are all OK except for a few minor colds. Sorry to hear Herby is ill, hope it don’t set him back too far in his studies.

Winter sure insists on staying with us. Broke the transmission in the car and have hard time getting repairs. Hope to get them today some how. We hope!

Will try to come down when I get repairs.

Ted Julia & Judy & Tony

Monday, November 24, 1947
from Mom

Dear Folks

We’ve been wondering if you folks have your meat for Thanksgiving yet. If not then we have two ducks for you. We would like to bring them up to you but we’re sort of short on time. So much to do. Ted is a little behind so if you want them come up any evening.

We’ll be home. We made it home OK Sat nite. Only our house was like an ice box. Say I forgot to pay you for my dress. I knew that there was something I forgot. But I couldn’t remember until we were halfway home. Be seeing you.


Monday, December 1, 1947
from Dad

Dear Herb

Guess I’ve been putting off writing long enough. Thought I might get time to come and see you already but things just didn’t work our yet. Sorry to hear of your misfortune but things are sure to work out OK. They always do. The folks said you were getting along fine and that is good to hear.

Suppose to help dad a day or so yet and might get to come up then some day. The pump here went hay wire yesterday and we finally got it done after dark.

Erwin was up one day a couple of weeks ago and helped me get the corn fodder in so that cleaned up the field work for this year. And sold most of my hogs and beans so, with the cows all dried up due to the abortion this last spring, my chores aren’t very many. Guess I’ll have to get a job this winter to help us out.

There sure isn’t any hunting around here, even the rabbits are so scarce there are only a few tracks around the buildings. Guess its due to the foxes but I can’t seem to find any of those, not sly enough.

Be sure to let us know when you come home for Christmas and we’ll be down to see you then. You won’t even know the kids any more they sure grow fast. I’d see if I can find a couple of pictures to enclose. Well Good Luck Herb, Be seeing you.

Hello from All of us

Ted Julia, Judy & Tony

Wednesday, January 14, 1948
from Mom

Dear Mother and Dad,

If I keep putting this letter off much longer then you won’t ever get it. We’re sorry we couldn’t come down to see you on your birthday Dad but the baby was pretty sick. It was the after effects of his small pox shot – a tooth and to top it all of coarse a cold. Judy had a cold too. But they’re feeling better now. We had a couple of sleepless nights but he’s better now so don’t worry. It was his 5th tooth.

It sure got cold here last nite. It was 13 below on our thermometer when we got up. I washed clothes today & nearly froze my hands off hanging them up. But they are flapping out now. So they’ll be pretty dry. Our cow is expecting her calf any day now. I hope that it comes before Sunday because Ted wants to come up and see you folks Sunday if all is OK with the kids and cows.

My Aunt Helen is visiting us here. She’s been here for 1-1/2 wks. She lost her husband a month ago. She was a nurse in Chicago but they moved to a farm in Wisconsin last fall. They have no children together but he had a girl by a previous marriage and the girl had a baby last July. Well I’ll have to quit. I’m baking cookies & Judy is fussy so I’ll let Ted finish. So Long & see you Sunday if the baby is feeling alright and the weather too.

(from Dad)

Cold enough for you? Just rite for me. Well I don’t know what much to say. Julia told all the news. Will try & be down Sun if weather is OK and no body is ill again.

Ted Julia Judy & Tony

Thursday, January 22, 1948
from Mom

Dear Alfred,

We want to wish you a very happy birthday and a real big chocolate cake. I would make you a cake too if we lived closer and then I’d run over with it. But I’m afraid I would get tired before I even got to Independence.

How do you like this cold? It sure is snappy isn’t it? We aren’t suffering but wouldn’t mind if it were a little warmer. We finally got over our colds.

Your mother wrote that you are taking typing. Does short hand go with that course too? How do you like it? Joey is taking economy and he sure likes it. It’s a new course for him this semester. They had a Junior play & they didn’t raise enough money so they are going to give another and the kids don’t like the idea much. Hazleton has a pretty good team.

Basketball that is. Joey being the tallest gives him an advantage. He stands under the basket & they throw him the ball and he flips it in. It works pretty slick.

Did Dad get his birthday box? We tried to come last Sunday too but its our car now. So I suppose that it will be a while before we can come and any way who wants to go anywhere in this cold weather. Happy Birthday again Al and hope you get a nice big cake lots of presents.


(from Dad)

Dear Al,

Guess I’ll write in a word too. Yes, the old Fliver is on the blink and its so cold I can’t grind the valves without freezing. Got two calves and hope to have three more in a month.

Happy Birthday, Alfred


Monday, January 26, 1948
from Dad

Hi Folks

How’s everyone at home? We’ve had colds & flue one of us all the time it seems. Car was on the bum and trying to fix it in this sub zero temperature is #*X#& but it smokes again and where there’s smoke there’s fire so it goes after a fashion.

Sunday February 22, 1948
from Mom

Dear Birthday Boy [NOTE: Paul?]

Happy Birthday and I hope you have a great big chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (that’s my favorite) and lots & lots of presents. Its pretty nice to have a birthday on Sunday, isn’t it? We wanted to come to your party today but Ted’s leg still bothers him too much to drive all the way to CR and back.

How is school? Have you missed any days this year yet? Judy & Tony are OK. Tony has a new tooth – that makes 7 for him. We gave him a hair cut & he cried & cried. He looks like a little man now. We had a little baby calf a couple days ago. We call her Pansy. She sure is a pretty little thing.

We are having company next week from Minneapolis. Ted’s buddy & his wife & two children are coming Sat & stay a week or so. We sure will be glad to see them.

I thought that spring was here already but today I’ve changed my mind. This weather sure can change, can’t it?

Ask Herb if he didn’t by accident put his practice sheet in the envelope instead of Ted’s letter. We couldn’t make heads of tails out of the letter, and tell your dad that he got the check also will you.

Do you know any one who would like to by a ’36 Plymouth for $175. Teds selling ours.

We got it running fine & it sounds and runs like a million dollars.

Well I must close now. Judy is waking up. Bye and a happy birthday to you again. Lots of Love

Ted Julia Judy and Tony Ted

Thursday, May 6, 1948
from Mom

Wed PM
Hi Folks –

I meant to write before & invite you all over for Tony’s birthday party but have been busy. Hope you can make it. Erwin & Ginny too. If it nice & warm how about a picnic in our front yard? That would be fun wouldn’t it? Tony walks quite a bit now. But if he’s in a hurry he still crawls. We are all OK. We have some little ducks – & some kittens too.

Ask Erwin to bring his camera – we would like to take some snaps of the kids now. I sure miss a camera. Hope to see you Sun.

Love from all, Ted Julia & kids

Thursday, May 13, 1948
from Mom

Dear Gram & Gramp (ahem)

We received your letter on Tues and little Tony thanks his Gram & Gramp & uncles & aunt for the nice birthday present. We went out & bought 4 pr of socks for the money which he really needed already. Thank you very much. Don’t feel badly because you couldn’t come to Tonys party. I really was glad because Judy came down with the chicken pox on Friday & Sat Tony too & on top of it all I wasn’t feeling 4.0 myself. So it was OK anyway.

Isn’t this the lousiest weather. I washed Tues. My diapers & all the lighter things got dry but the heavier things were sort of damp. But I was glad to have it out of the way. Yesterday I ironed and mended & made over a dress my mother gave me. It was to small for her so she ripped it apart to make smaller for Elsie but it was to much work so she gave it to me. I sewed it back together again and made the seams larger & now it fits good. Only I’ll have to get an artificial flower for the front. It looks sort of bare.

Tony, Shep and Carol
Tony, Shep and Carol

Now that dinners over & Judys napping maybe I can finish this letter. The kids are both feeling much better. We had the Doc give Tony his first diph & tetanus & whooping cough shots. Just 2 more & then we’ll be all done. I suppose by then it will be time for the next one.

My gardens doing fairly well and the chicks too. We have 8 ducks & some more hatching today. We plan on giving Carol 2 for her birthday from Judy & Tony.

I sure hope that this rains stops & nice weather sets in so we can get a good crop this year. We sold our 8 feeder pigs and one big bull last week. Our sow is to come in next month. Well time to get to work again. Write soon. Oh did they get the house moved in over the celler yet?

Lots of Love

Monday, August 2, 1948
from Mom

Dear everyone

Judy and Tony 'helping' with chores
Judy and Tony "helping" with chores

How is everyone there? We are fine. Ted is out thrashing again this week. Will get done Wednesday if all goes well. The kids are OK. Tony got another tooth which makes 12 now.

Say Ruth, I’m sorry we couldn’t come to your party. We were invited out to dinner then Ted had to have his rest so he could go out to thrash early this morning. Say I hope your throat is OK again. Maybe you should have a doctor look at it.

Well I must close now. I finished my washing – now after dinner I’ll iron & mend. I’m also baking some good bread. How about a couple pieces & a cup of coffee. Well folks – I must go now. We’ll be seeing you probably next week some time.

Love, Ted-Julia & kids

Wednesday, August 18, 1948
from Dad

Say Paul we went to Oelwein Monday and found a pair of shoes and a pair of rainbow colored sox. Guess they are yours. Was on the left side of the road a mile south of Oelwein.

Hope you got home Ok Sunday nite.

So Long

Mom with Judy and Tony
Mom with Judy and Tony
Judy showing off a new outfit
Judy showing off a new outfit